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Meet Our Tattoo Experts

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Dan Schmiedel

Background/About me:

I’ve been professionally tattooing since 2012.

I was always that kid sitting in the back of the class drawing on his desk, drawing on his books, drawing on his book bag, and drawing on his arms, so it just kind of seemed natural that I ended up in tattooing.

My first interaction with the machine was when I was 16 and I tattooed my own leg with a friend's machine. It turned out pretty shitty LOL but I love it because we got to come from somewhere.

I did my apprenticeship in 2012 at Shane O’Neill’s Infamous in Willow grove and the rest is history, as they say.

​I have always been really inspired by art that was involved in the extreme sports community. Skateboarding and BMX growing up; stickers were a huge thing. I was also very fascinated by graffiti and fell in love with an artist named Greg “Crayola” Simpkins and his work I would say is a mix of surrealism and dark Disney.

My favorite part about tattooing is the feeling of accomplishment. In tattooing nobody is really holding your hand through everything; you have to learn a lot of stuff on your own through trial, error and building upon the knowledge you learned the day before. When you nail a tattoo and you can wipe it off and take a step back and kind of pat yourself on the back a little bit; that's the best feeling in the world.

​Tattooing preferences:

Geometric/dot work

Black/gray or color American traditional
Neotraditional color

Black/grey realism




Will not/prefers not to do:


Japanese Traditional


Fine Line


American Flags

Crosses/Religious pieces

​Outside of tattooing:

I have way too many hobbies. I am an avid BMXer and I build dirt jumps, I’m working on fixing up an old farmhouse that I bought, I glass blow, I paint, I hike with my dogs and I love taking road trips with my wife and exploring in our van.


Brayden Horrocks

Background/About me:

I have been tattooing full time since June of 2018. As soon as I figured out what a tattoo was (my Mom explained it to me as permanent artwork that you can wear) 6 year old me said “that’s it, that’s gonna be my thing.”

I am inspired by just about everything I experience, consume or even just pass by! I’ve done tattoos inspired by horror movies, lyrics and even from the colors on a towel I was using during a different tattoo!

I strive to achieve the fullest satisfaction I can for my customer while also making their experience as comfortable and personable as a tattoo can be. Also, I am always pushing myself to always learn, grow and try my best to exceed my own expectations/goals.

My favorite part about tattooing is.. everything really! If I had to choose though, I am an artist first and foremost so the design and application will always be my favorite; anything involving the art itself!

Tattooing preferences:

I prefer to tattoo anything that is my original artwork. It is such an honor to have people see what I do for fun, at the sake of making art, and want to put it on their bodies forever. I love doing a combination of bright/neon colors with a looming darkness to the piece! My black stars have absolutely become a calling card and signature for my work! I also love doing blackwork & blackwork lettering!

Life outside of tattooing:

...can mostly be summed up in two words: plants & fur babies.

I’ve got 3 fur babies, two boys and a girl, two black cats named Doom & Gloom and a lionhead bunny named Luca who’s a sassy lady! My lovely girlfriend Mckenna is my biggest support! And also to thank for keeping fed and hydrated more often than myself!


Jake Alexander

Background/About me:

I've been an apprentice at Mad Horse Tattoo under the guidance of Dan (@saturatedpigments) since September 2021. I am now taking walk-ins and small designs, as well as tattooing some rad flash- stop in to say hi and check out what I have available!

The art style and expression of oneself (artist and client) through tattooing and being able to create therapeutic art for anyone who can appreciate it and or enhance their life contemporarily is what originally attracted me to the idea of tattooing.

My daily inspiration comes from my mentor Dan, fellow artist Brayden, and Boss Girl Terri. Their support and hard work pushes me to show up everyday and work just as hard. My goal is to create the best work I can and continue to grow as long as I'm kicking.

I love having the freedom and time to create artwork and master my craft while meeting a bunch of new, potentially really cool people who are interested in the same thing - tattoos.


Tattooing preferences:

I really enjoy tattooing skulls, daggers, anime, lady heads, and anything from my flash sheets!


Life outside of tattooing:

Mainly skateboarding and producing/writing music, but I always pick up little things here and there and love to find niche hobbies that pose a challenge.

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